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"The album gives listeners a fantastic glimpse into Steven Palmer’s early solo wanderings. 
All the way to Nashville and back again!"
- Tom Hilton, Aldora Britain Reviews 

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From Here To Nashville is my first album', recorded in 2003 in Edmonton Alberta, my old hometown.
At the ripe old age of 55 I decided it was finally time I laid down some of the songs I was writing in my head, Driving a four piece band across the Canadian prairies gives you lots of time for songwriting. 'Ride On Mother Trucker' came to me like this.
I had a  great band then, as you'll hear on this album.  They arranged all their own parts, usually nailing them in just one or two takes. 
Smokey Fennel played steel guitar, drummer Tom Lowry added harmonies and arranging ideas, and bassist Ron Lukawitski laid down a solid groove, Studio quality players,
my songs were in good hands. 
Youtopia Studio, engineer Matthew Dobrski, owed me some recording time so I took the band there, working over three cold November evenings. 
Mixing was done by my old friend Barry Allen at his Homestead Recorders. Barry was Western Canadian Engineer of the Year for his work with Corb Lund and
k d lang and his mix was perfect.
Country fans, especially truckers, enjoy this album. I hope you do too.
Keep it between the ditches!      

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