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Aldora Britain Records In Review (Part 2 Issue 53/May 2021) )

From Here to Nashville by Stephen H Palmer


 For fans of country, folk, and roots. Early solo offering from Canadiana artist STEPHEN PALMER (Stephen Hardy Palmer) which taps into the musical spirit of Nashville.

A retelling of Johnny Cash’s classic

‘Get Rhythm’ opens proceedings. Reviving the driving shuffle of the original, Palmer and band deliver a blistering rendition of this country staple.

‘A Brief Diesel Intro’ acts as a tempting prelude to one of Palmer’s most popular songs ‘Ride on Mother Trucker’. A song that has become an anthem for the cross-country truckers in Palmer’s locality. A brilliantly catchy and irresistible country rock offering.

‘From Here to Nashville’ provides a tender country folk kick and ‘Rolling Down to Memphis’ adds a bluesy twang to a driving county number.

‘Big Big Love’ brings in the classic Nashville sound and Palmer includes another Cash track with another glorious retelling. This time it is ‘Ballad of A Teenage Queen’.

This opening side of From Here to Nashville showcases the brilliance of Palmer’s performance both through originals and classic favourites.

‘Drifting’ and ‘How Come I Love Ya?’ follow, providing further exploration of Palmer’s honest and straight-to-the-point rootsy approach. These songs are relatable escapades, especially the latter which provides another highlight on a fine album.

‘Call It Love?’ is a hand-clap campfire song, ‘One More Day’ is a pleasant outlaw shuffle and ‘You Don’t Have Far To Go ’ is 80s country balladry done to perfection.

From Here to Nashville winds down with a quintessential saloon couplet of ‘Panhandle Rag’, get-up-and-go, and ‘It’s Hotel Motel Time’, kindhearted lamentation.

The album gives listeners a fantastic glimpse into Steven Palmer’s early solo wanderings.

All the way to Nashville and back again! - (Tom Hilton)

Pedal Steel Guitar - Smokey Fennel

Bass - Ron Lukawitski

Drums - Tom Lowery, Ken Chalmers

Guitar & Vocals - Stephen Palmer

Harmony Vocal - Deb Rault

Recorded in Edmonton Alberta in the winter of 2003 at Youtopia Studio with engineer Matthew Dobrski.

Mixed at Homestead Sound with engineer Barry Allen.

1 Get Rhythm (J.R.Cash)

2 A Brief Diesel Intro 

3 Ride On Mother Trucker (S.Palmer)

4 From Here To Nashville (S.Palmer)

5 Rolling Down To Memphis (S.Palmer)

6 Big Big Love (Wynn Stewart)

7 Ballad of a Teenage Queen (Cowboy Jack Clements)

8 Drifting (S.Palmer)

9 How Come I Luv Ya? (S.Palmer)

10 Call It Love (S.Palmer)

11 One More Day (S.Palmer)

12 You Don't Have Far To Go (Merle Haggard)

13 The Panhandle Rag ( Leon McAuliffe)

14 It's Hotel Motel Time

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