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 Penguin Eggs -
CD Review by Del Vezeau
Roots and Strings  

 “Roots and Strings has an interesting moniker on the front cover. It reads “Traditional and Original Music”. The artwork is simple, yet elegant; the back cover displays much the same way; his picture reveals a middle-aged guy who looks like he could sell oatmeal on television.
The music is as pleasant as the packaging. The performances are laid back and seamless; the material breathes. The vocals shine and the instrumentation is all-pro. Steve’s guitar playing is rock-solid and warm.
Positive mention should also go to Rain Coast Studio in Nanaimo, B.C. for their top-notch work. This fifteen song album is a real jewel and would make a fine gift for anyone with a pulse. Grab a copy for yourself while you’re at it.” - Del Vezeau, Ontario Finger Picking Association 


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