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"Music for anyone with a pulse" 
-Del Vezeau, Penguin Eggs
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“Palmer’s songwriting and guitar playing
are tasteful and bittersweet, his music
is crafted with feeling and poetic flair.
I’m reminded of another acoustic icon,
Gordon Lightfoot.”
- TwangTown Magazine
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Stephen Hardy Palmer - "road-survivor" 


Raised on gospel, country and the blues, the old time influences on a young prairie picker with a love of Doc Watson made him a good fit for psychedelic folk-rock bands touring and playing support for most of the big name suspects during the ‘60s UK invasion. And then more steady dues paid as guitarist-for-hire in country bands working the rural Alberta bar scene. He started using his voice only in the ‘80s, when he’d picked some west-coast time to study music a bit more formally. But it wasn’t ‘til he returned home to care for his mother that he found personal respite and freedom in becoming a solo performer, and now he travels a troubadour circuit around BC, Alberta, and the East.


Fifty years as a travelling musician is a lot of road, and Steve Palmer is still playing and still touring. Grown enough to sing about life and simple pleasures with all the unhurried authority of a quiet and simple folk-singing road-survivor.

 - Colin Lazerini, Root Cellar Records


email: stevepalmermusic@hotmail.com 

phone: 204 291 1440

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